Matthew’s Bio

Matthew Richard Castaneda graduated from Davis High School (class of 2016). During his time in high school he slowly built up his knowledge in multiple different areas (History, ASL, Spanish, etc). He developed a passion for history in his Junior year and considered a career in that area. As he thought through this, he thought of his knowledge on history and considered it to be more of a hobby than something he would want to do for a living.

At the end of Matthew’s Junior year, he struggled through Computer Technology class but as he began doing better,  he started enjoying it. It took time for him to fully catch up, but when he did, he started to push through the assignments, and develop a love for it.

At the start of his senior year he pushed his limits and decided to get more familiar with computers. He enrolled in the Davis Applied Technology College Digital media class and got to work. The first days were the tricky part. He had to get a feel of how he liked to learn, what speed of learning he was comfortable with, and study patterns. It was a rocky start, but he got the hang of it. He now works at a company named DC Power Solutions as a web developer.